5 Green Ways to Travel to Work and Around Town

Green Ways to Travel
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Many people are striving to practice eco-friendliness within their home, working lives, and when traveling. This results in a positive step in the bid to reduce carbon emissions. However, one of the largest contributors of carbon emissions haven’t quite been tackled – transport. Essential commutes, like the commute to and from work, are significantly affecting climate change. Traffic congestion means journey times are longer than usual in rush hour, resulting in more fuel consumption and consequently more carbon emissions. Using alternative, green ways to travel can greatly reduce carbon emissions, travel expenses and even commute times.

Best green ways to travel

Traditional Tactics
If you live within a reasonable distance, you have the ability to leave your car at home and save on fuel. Walking or cycling to work can be enjoyable in the summertime and great exercise, particularly for office workers who are generally seated for the duration of the day. Although you may not want to leave your car at home every day, if the weather looks sunny and you have a burst of energy why not choose to walk? With fuel prices constantly rocketing, choosing to walk or cycle can be incredibly attractive due to the money saving aspects. This is a fun way to spend a vacation as well. When you walk or cycle, you will experience a better sense of the culture and town you are visiting.

Car Sharing / Carpooling
If you live a greater distance, walking or cycling may not be a practical option of getting to work and around town. Rather than jumping straight behind the wheel, ask colleagues in the office to see if anyone lives nearby and ask if they want to start car sharing. If you and a coworker share a car to work you could half your fuel costs, mileage and carbon emissions. Alternating days of who drives can also reduce the stresses of driving each morning. Consider doing this with nearby friends and neighbors who frequent the same stores and go together.

Public Transportation
If no one from the office lives within your area you could consider public transport as an option. Initially this may sound unattractive, but often urban areas have convenient transport links. Considering monthly passes can also save you some money on public transport, in some cases it may actually be cheaper than the costs of running a car and far less stressful. Using public transportation minimizes the number of cars on the roads, reducing congestion and carbon emissions. It is often more convenient when traveling, especially internationally, to use public transportation.

Green Cars
Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular due to their financial and environmental benefits. They combine clean electrical energy with a gas powered engine, making them a cleaner and more fuel efficient method of transport. Their fuel consumption is lower than that of an average car, saving you money on fuel. Before you buy a car or even rent one, consider getting a hybrid car.

Taxi Alternatives
Depending on where you live — in a big city or near a bus or train line — it may behoove you to not own a car at all. And when you travel, it may not be in your best interest to rent a car if you won’t need it every day. In these instances, it may be convenient and economical to use an alternative to a taxi service. Using this service as needed, you will save money by not owning or renting a car and not having to pay for insurance. It will also save you the stress and hassle of driving, especially in new areas.

Bonus idea:  Work from Home
Although working from home isn’t always possible, if you live quite a distance from your work you could find out if working from home a few days a week or month would be acceptable. This could save you significant amounts of money and drastically reduce your carbon emissions.

There are many advantages to making eco-friendly choices, especially regarding transportation. Working to reduce carbon emissions will impact global warming, and it’s also proven that green ways to travel are often the most cost effective. Consider a green alternative to transportation when you can.


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