We have many parts to play in society; business leaders and community members. We tend to carry out these roles in isolation and rarely think of our impact on the rest of society outside our immediate circles.

We glide through society giving and taking what we are comfortable with. We don’t question our ethics and we let others live by their version of what is ethical in society. We often choose to ignore those who have taken a different path.

Perhaps this is why News International was able to do what it did for so long? There have been many other similar crises brought about by a failure to be ethical, e.g. Enron and yet we have not learned how to prevent these happening again.

We have to take responsibility for the whole of society not just ourselves? We must ask ourselves, ‘What contribution did I make to the rise of News International and its dominance?’ What can I do to stop it happening again?

There is a rising call for citizen justice in the world and we would be foolish to ignore it. Los Indignados is a group of young people in Spain who march for justice. They stop in small towns and have evening discussions about justice and ethics. How can we join the call for justice and ethics in our own lives? Which voices do we listen to? What can we do to influence others and society?

The big question is, of course, who decides what is ethical and just? This cannot be a decision made by a few but has to be made by many. That is how we will protect, respect and support ourselves.

Stepping along my life path,

Keeping within the lines,

Waving but not connecting with the person next to me,

Safe, safe, safe?


Let’s see how our paths cross and merge

Let’s leave a true connection to and for the future.

Safe together. Blended. Yes.


Anna Eliatamby

July 2011

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