A time to be still

The focus of sustainability and responsibility is to heal the heart of Mother Earth and our collective social fabric. The strength for change comes from us and we need to look after ourselves.

Advocating for sustainability and responsibility is tiring. Always having to remember to keep the focus on responsibility regardless.  The fight can seem endless, people can block and sabotage even though they speak in the same value based way.

Some experiences can make us feel a failure, tired or cautious about trying again. The inclination can be to say, ‘Enough, I need a break…’ Or ‘That’s it, I ‘m leaving….’

What should we do at these times?  It may actually be necessary to stop and be still to give our human spirit and endeavour time to recover. Paying attention to your inner condition and physical health is vital. As John Williams said to me, ‘If you don’t look after yourself, you can’t look after any-one else.’ How strong do you feel? How much do you want to fight this or do you need to stop?  What gifts can you give yourself to recuperate? Who or what could re-energise you? How can you maintain your networks while resting? Simply stopping for a while may be enough. Some come back refreshed and energised and with refilled reserves of hope and courage.

But if you know that the fight is too much for you now, to whom could you pass the baton?  How could you leave in a respectful way so that your self-esteem is intact?

We all have a place in this fight for justice and responsibility but we need to remember that we are finite and that there is a time for our voice and efforts that we should use fully. There will come a moment for us to leave and let others continue our work.

Ella Baker was a very quiet and strong civil rights activist in America. Many have forgotten her work and endeavours, but they had a huge impact on civil rights. Please take time to listen to Ella’s Song sung by Sweet Honey in the Rocks. The song is a composition based on her speeches: Ella’s song.