Printable Coupons and Online Newspapers Are Saving Energy

Convenience happens to be a good thing when it comes to saving energy and going green. This is certainly the case with printable coupons and online newspapers. Habits can be hard to change, but the appeal of a convenient and affordable alternative is a very appealing and compelling reason to change your habits. Convenience is the most obvious benefit of being able to print coupons or use coupon codes via your smartphone or other Internet-connected device. The same is true of newspapers that can be easily read on your iPad, laptop, PC, or smartphone. If you dig a little deeper, it becomes clear that opting for online newspapers or using printable coupons is a great – and less obvious – way to save energy too.

How Printable Coupons Save Energy

The first coupon ever is believed to date back to 1888 when Asa Candler printed coupons in newspapers and magazines across the country offering a free glass of the product he was selling, a carbonated beverage called Coca-Cola, to customers choosing to redeem it. Flash forward a hundred years or so and the advent of the Internet made printing out coupons even easier. A recurring problem with sending out coupons via mass mailing efforts has always been the hit or miss factor. “Even if a customer intends to use a coupon, they may file away only to discover that it has expired by the time they find it again”, says Karen Rodgers a writer for

Within the past few years, coupons have evolved to both the versions you can print or download online to coupon codes that can be used for an extra discount at the point of purchase. The ability to target customers by location via their Internet-connected devices further adds to the appeal of coupon codes. Allowing customers to immediately print coupons they intend to use also increases the odds that they will be redeemed. Printable coupons – or any form of coupon that can be produced or redeemed electronically – save energy by:

  • Eliminating the use of paper or at least reducing the use of paper
  • Cutting the cost of fuel used to deliver traditional coupons to homes and businesses
  • Reducing landfill contents since most printable coupons are redeemed

Note: For coupon codes, it doesn’t matter if the code is used or not to get all these benefits.

How Online Newspapers Save Energy

Newspapers date back to bulletins that were distributed in Ancient Rome around 59 AD. Since then, newspapers evolved into a thriving business. Up through the end of the 20th century, many people received their news from daily newspapers either delivered right to their doorstep or available at various stores and standalone boxes. About a decade ago, newspapers slowly became making the transition to online distribution.

While newspapers are still available through traditional distribution, online editions attract a significant number of readers. The main reason for the shift to online newspapers is cost. While there are obvious green benefits, it is usually cost-effectiveness that drives transitions from a familiar form of distribution to something like online distribution of newspapers. The advent of tablet computers and smartphones further added to the appeal of receiving newspapers in digital format. Online newspapers save energy by:

  • Saving tress that would otherwise by cut down to make the paper rolls for newspapers
  • Eliminating fuel costs since online newspapers are immediately available
  • Cutting down on waste since online newspapers can easily be deleted once they are read

Saving energy involves more than just turning off the lights when you exit a room and cutting down on your shower time. In the case of printable coupons and online newspapers, energy is saved by simply changing your habits. Instead of waiting for the Sunday newspaper to cut out coupons you may or may not use, printable coupons can be printed out just before you go shopping. Coupon codes be accessed and used while you’re at the store. Rather than stepping onto the porch or digging through the bushes to find your morning paper, the same info can be accessed easily through any Internet-connected device at your convenience. Who knew that a simple change of habits could save so much energy?