Sprayed foam insulation is great for efficiency, but a bad application can be catastrophic for the homeowner.  Imagine building your dream home, only to be plagued and sickened by a persistent fishy smell that just won’t go away…..


By Trish Holder

I was present when my contractor applied the spray foam to the exterior wall cavities of my home.  It was pretty interesting to watch this cake batter like substance puff up and harden before my eyes.

[medium_ad_left]I remember being surprised that the fumes were relatively low – not really bothersome to me even during the application.  I was surprised because a few months earlier I was at another under-construction home during a spray foam installation, also closed-cell and the fumes were so overwhelming that to this day I worry if what I inhaled that day may one day manifest itself as cancer.

Two very different experiences to be sure – had by me.

More recently, other homeowners throughout the country have come forward with some very bad experiences with sprayed foam… Read more.


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