by Trish Holder, with James Kozachek

Welcome to the third final part of my conversation with James A. Kozachek, a construction law and litigation partner/owner at Bisgaier Hoff, LLC, about what buyers (and sellers) should know when it comes to lead paint in homes.  If you missed our first two parts, click here to get up to speed:

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Trish: James, I talked to one contractor about all this [lead paint in homes] already – just trying to do a little research on my own.  He told me not to worry.  He said a kid would have to chew through a lead paint window to be adversely affected.  Based on what experts really know about the health affects of lead paint, how accurate is his statement?

[medium_ad_right]James: This question touches on a lot of disciplines, including medical doctors trained and experienced with lead poisoning.  If your contractor’s response was supposed to take all lead conditions into account, then itclearly is inadequate, because it is not just lead paint that is the issue.

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