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Hershey has launched a program to restore cocoa growing in southern Mexico. With partner Agroindustrias Unidas de Cacao SA, a member of the Ecom Cocoa Group, the initiative will invest $3 million dollars over the next 10 years to reintroduce cocoa growing in a region where the crop has been decimated by disease.

[small_ad_left]The US Partnership for Renewable Energy Finance has recommended a data-based approach to assure continued private and public sector investment. In a recent meeting of the American Council on Renewable Energy Finance Forum, PREF members confirmed the need for fact-based business analysis that defines the industry as productive, growing, and essential to the nation’s economy.

A plan to create the first School of Philanthropy at Indiana University has been approved by the IU Board of Trustees. The proposal would create the world’s first school dedicated to the study and teaching of philanthropy, building on the existing Center on Philanthropy at IU, which offers philanthropy education, research, and training.

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