By Allison McGuire

Much of corporate social responsibility work is done via coalitions, partnerships, and councils. The Global Sourcing Council (GSC) is a perfect example of how individuals, businesses, trade organizations, governmental agencies, nonprofits, and academics can come together to exchange ideas and share best practices. The GSC’s mission is,

to discuss and define sustainable and responsible practices in global sourcing and supply chain management; and to encourage progressive economic growth leading to increased trade, investment and social good, all with an aim to increase knowledge, deepen trade relations and broaden commercial and cultural ties among nations.”

In short, the GSC is a nonprofit with an educational mission that advocates for corporate social responsibility in sourcing practices. 

I was able to track down Wanda Lopuch, Ph.D., a past Chair of GSC’s Board and the Chair of its 3S Awards (more on that later) to answer some questions about the GSC.

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