In addition to the normal flow of M&A, investment activity, projects, and technology introductions, the last two weeks have put water scarcity concerns in the limelight. Not only is water scarcity expected to be one of the main barriers to growth for India in the upcoming years, but Trillium Asset Management is calling out companies that don’t yet focus on factoring water risk into their bottom line.  It’s a good thing we also saw a new report on water reuse and how it may even be healthier for us than drinking water – it’s a sustainable water source that we can’t (and shouldn’t!) run away from.  Read below for details on these stories and more:

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Innovation/ New Products

  • HyperSolar plans to optimize its technology to turn wastewater into renewable hydrogen and natural gas.  The process would use free sunlight to photo-oxidize (detoxify) wastewater to simultaneously produce molecular hydrogen and clean water.
  • Bernardin Lochmueller & Associates (BLA), a leader in sustainable infrastructure design, recently received a method patent for its Eco-Treatment™ constructed wetland system to treat wastewater from animal confinement operations (Patent No. US 8,021,551 B2).
  • VRTX Technologies, a global player in applying controlled hydrodynamic cavitation for chemical-free water and wastewater treatment, is set to introduce the VRTX Mini, a chemical-free solution for evaporative cooling systems specifically designed for small commercial buildings and retail stores.


Arti Patel is on the Research & Advisory team at Cleantech Group.

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