Jaguar presented its C-X75 electric supercar at the 2010 Paris Motor Show and the car will be hitting the streets in 2013. This plug-in hybrid electric car runs on electric power that’s replenished by a gasoline engine. This vehicle has a 145kW electric motor on each wheel, powering it from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds with a top speed of at least 200 mph. According to Top Gear, those motors are expected to generate roughly 800 horsepower.

When it runs out of battery power (after traveling about 30 miles), the car’s batteries are recharged by a turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine.

There are only 250 of them slated for production in 2013 and it is estimated that the Jaguar C-X75 will cost approximately $1.1 million each.


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