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Green Conduct is a quality-focused provider of information, news and media about sustainability.

Green Conduct mission is to communicate sustainability to make relevant information more coherent and accessible.

We aim to raise awareness about the profound importance of social and environmental responsibility in society and business.
About Us ~ Green Conduct

What you will find at Green Conduct:

Inspirational articles by leading experts and thinkers in the green industry.

Frequently updated news on interesting facts and developments relating to sustainability.

Our Values

We mean business when we talk about ethics, corporate citizenship and sustainability.

We therefore try our hardest to walk the talk and set a good example throughout.

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Green Conduct ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Make Your Holiday Eco-Friendly This Year

What is sustainability and what do we need to do?

The Natural Step has developed a framework towards sustainability based on science.

This framework is called “The Natural Step Framework” which is used for planning in complex systems and has helped hundreds of organizations worldwide integrate sustainable development.

This is how they explain what we need to do in order to reach sustainability:

“In order to create a sustainability society, we must understand the root causes of un-sustainability.

There are only four things that we are doing that inhibit the earth’s ability to maintain us and future generations.

The Natural Step arrived at these root causes of unsustainable by leading an international panel of scientists through a consensus process. To create a sustainable society, we must:

Eliminate our contribution to the progressive buildup of substances extracted from the Earth’s crust (for example, heavy metals and fossil fuels)

Eliminate our contribution to the progressive buildup of chemicals and compounds produced by society.

For example, dioxins, PCBs, and DDT.

Eliminate our contribution to the progressive physical degradation and destruction of nature and natural processes.

For example, continued over-harvesting forests and continued paving of critical wildlife habitat.

Eliminate our contribution to conditions that undermine people’s capacity to meet their basic human needs.

For example, unsafe working conditions and not enough pay to meet basic human needs.

What is Green Conduct?

Green Conduct is a quality-focused provider of information, news and media about sustainability.

How do I become a contributor to Green Conduct?

We are always looking for talented contributors/writers/experts.

Do you have the right level of qualifications, knowledge and expertise?

Would you like to be considered?

Feel free to announce your interest by sending an e-mail to support[at]greenconduct.

How do you secure accuracy and high-quality of your content?

The most essential part of everything we do is that we consistently follow strict guidelines and policies to secure highest quality throughout.

This is important in order for us to stay the trustworthy and objective source for sustainability media, news, articles and other resources.

We only offer and/or accept partnership with proven, well-reputed and fully reliable organisations and individuals.

All publications, sources, partners and advertisers are reviewed and matched against strict guidelines and parameters to secure top-quality.

If you suspect any inaccuracy, non-bias or doubtful content being presented on Green Conduct, please report this by sending an e-mail to support[at]greenconduct.

Who do we contact regarding partnership?

Please send your proposal by e-mail to support[at]greenconduct.

Is it possible to advertise on Green Conduct?

Yes, We are happy to accept you as an advertiser if your message is relevant to the context of Green Conduct.

Please send an e-mail to marketing[at]greenconduct.com/blog.

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