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Costa Rica’s Sustainable Tourism World’s Leader

Updated: January 2nd, 2019Costa Rica’s Sustainable Tourism – A marriage between economy and environmental can describe what has been coined as sustainable tourism and in no country is this marriage more prevalent than in Costa Rica. Read on to find out how Costa Rica’s sustainable tourism has made this Latin American country one of the …

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Starting an Eco-Friendly Business can take many forms

Updated: January 2nd, 2019True environmentalism begins at home, but now many people are saying that it could also start in the workplace. The concept of an eco-friendly workplace used to be a rare phenomenon, but is now becoming more commonplace as increasing numbers of workforces are embracing environmental causes. In some cases, entrepreneurs are setting …

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5 Essential Concepts for Sustainable Urban Planning

The world is quickly becoming a crowded place. Countries like China are developing at a rate that could be considered dangerous. Everyone knows about their one child rule too. However, such extreme measures do not have to be put into place.

Return to Rural Small Farms, Hard Work, and Local Food

Boulder, Colorado is often in the news for being happy, healthy, and crazy about all things local—but not often does news coverage dive into policy efforts that underlie that hearty sheen. One key: initiatives by the county government to support a local food system.

How Green Is Your Home?

As concerns about climate change and the wider environment continue to become more pressing, the need to ensure your household is as green as possible has never been greater. Each of us has an impact on the environment, known as our carbon footprint.

Ways Buildings Can Be Greener ~ Inoperable Windows and Efficient Lighting

Standing at two ends of the sustainability spectrum, inoperable windows and efficient lighting seem to represent opposite ends of the conversation vis-a-vis sustainable practices.

Agree to disagree; because we still need to take action on climate change!

Updated: February 16th, 2019Take action on climate change – Conspiracy theorists continue to dismiss the threat of climate change, despite overwhelming evidence suggesting that increases in the Earth’s average temperature has been impacted by human interference. The Earth’s average temperature has increased naturally over time, however it has increased exponentially since the industrial revolution and …

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Give Your Garden an Eco-Makeover Try this

Updated: January 2nd, 2019You’re desire for some garden innovation – but what of the environmental impact? Under every major renovation is the cost to our eco-system. It’s a price that’s making an increasing number of people uncomfortable. There’s smog on the streets, fracking threatening the countryside and pressure groups denying the existence of climate change. Do you …

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