Sustainable Construction and Development

Sustainable Construction and Development

Renewable Resources: China Ambitious Green Energy Development Plan

Updated: January 2nd, 2019China’s Green Energy Development – When it comes clean energy, China Is not exactly the first country that comes to mind. China has often been seen with its citizens walking around the cities with facemasks on and the fumes from factories in the background. Nevertheless, the country is trying hard to change …

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5 Essential Concepts for Sustainable Urban Planning

The world is quickly becoming a crowded place. Countries like China are developing at a rate that could be considered dangerous. Everyone knows about their one child rule too. However, such extreme measures do not have to be put into place.

Ways Buildings Can Be Greener ~ Inoperable Windows and Efficient Lighting

Standing at two ends of the sustainability spectrum, inoperable windows and efficient lighting seem to represent opposite ends of the conversation vis-a-vis sustainable practices.

Land use climate change adaptation and indigenous peoples

For indigenous peoples, resilience is rooted in traditional knowledge, as their capacity to adapt to environmental change is based first and foremost on in-depth understanding of the land. As climate change increasingly impacts indigenous landscapes, communities are responding and adapting in unique ways.

Tearing Down a Highway to Rebuild a Stream

Progress is a relative thing, its meaning and measure differing depending on people, place, circumstances and era. What one generation sees as a proud achievement, the next may look at quite differently.

How to Improve your Homes Energy Efficiency Rating

Updated: January 2nd, 2019Homes Energy Efficiency Rating – Making your home more energy efficient has many benefits, including reducing the cost of high energy bills, improving personal comfort, and helping to protect the environment. As the cost of energy rises and people’s awareness of the harmful effects of energy production increases, the demand for environmentally …

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5 Ways Consumerism Shapes Design

Architect Alejandro Zaero-Polo of Foreign Office Architects comments that his generation emerged in a social and political context of “cheapness.” This societal pursuit of cheapness expresses a central strategy of economic growth— cost-cutting—one of several that are constant and pervasive, affecting our everyday lives.

An Introduction To Green Construction

To build a sustainable future, we need to find efficiencies in all walks of life. The cars we drive, the food we eat and the homes and offices we build. When it comes to green construction, you need to think about absolutely every aspect of the building.