3 Ways a Green Lifestyle Goes Beyond Sustainability


Living a green lifestyle is often equated with sustainability, however, there is so much more to it than just that. Although conserving natural resources is a huge priority alongside the reduction in greenhouse gases, there are so many layers to a green lifestyle that once you are truly into it, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of this so much sooner.

Here are just three ways in which a green lifestyle goes beyond sustainability.

Green Lifestyle Goes Beyond Sustainability
Green Lifestyle Goes Beyond Sustainability

Ways a Green Lifestyle Goes Beyond Sustainability

Health and Safety

The first thing on the list should be health and safety.

This entails so much more than a reduction in the use of fossil fuels and the conservation of other natural resources.

A green lifestyle is one in which you make obvious healthy choices to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals and other substances you are confronted with daily.

Did you ever wonder why the government went so far as to ban the use of lead in paints all those decades ago?

If you have any questions, you really should read as much information on lead safety enforcement as you possibly can.

The dangers to your health are so profound and far-reaching that you will no longer question why government got involved in this issue.

You Can Save a Huge Amount of Money

Living a green lifestyle is one in which many families begin to grow their own produce.

Imagine just how much money you can save annually if you simply grow enough vegetables to last almost the entire year.

During the season you can eat them fresh, but there are numerous ways to preserve them so that they don’t lose their healthy nutrients.

Some people freeze them raw while others dehydrate them and vacuum seal them.

Fresh vegetables are one of the most expensive items on any grocery list and this is why growing your own could save you heaps of money which could be put to use elsewhere.

In addition, you can grow an organic garden and be assured you are not exposing your family to the dangers of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Also, you can buy heritage seeds which are certified to be GMO-free.

You’ll Be Happier All Round

In the end, living a green lifestyle gets you more active than you’ve been in years.

Just the simple act of gardening gets you off the couch a bit and the only potatoes you will be growing are in the ground, not on the couch!

Consider walking to the store instead of driving three blocks to pick up a gallon of milk and whenever possible, find creative ways to recycle things which are no longer useful to you.

When it comes to living green, the thing to focus on is what you are doing to benefit the health of your family as well as the health of Mother Earth.

Sustainability is only a small, although significant, portion of living green and as you become better acquainted with various ways to promote a healthier lifestyle, you’ll be so much happier for it.

It only takes one small step and you’ll be on the road to success.