How to be eco friendly while spending


How to be eco friendly while spending and Going green is a complete commitment, and you need to analyze every aspect of your life to be sure you are doing the most you can.

Saving our planet and reducing our carbon footprint is a 24/7 job.

You need to pay attention to the smallest details to do your bit.

Here are a few ideas of going green while spending your greens.

Eco friendly while spending

Become paperless!

In previous decades financial institutions were forced to give you a paper statement for every transaction.

With the proliferation of digital environments now you have the choice to receive everything in your e-mail or a designated app.

The same goes for your checkbook if you are still using something so outdated.

Just ask your bank for a credit card or other digital payment options.

Not to mention that paper checks are rarely covered by anti-fraud laws.

The planet and your peace of mind are good enough reasons to upgrade.

eco friendly while spending, Eco-Friendly Business
How to be eco friendly while spending

Another more important reason is that digitally you can track all your spending.

Even if it seems insignificant, it’s a good idea to decline the paper receipts too if you don’t necessarily need them for reimbursements.

If everybody did this whole forests would be rescued.

While you are cutting back on paper waste, remember to contact companies which communicate with you via snail mail and ask them to send their offers digitally.

Use inbox filters to prevent clutter and read these in your free time.

Do business with responsible companies

Most large companies chose to give something back to their communities and join CSR campaigns of different sorts.

Some deal with helping children, the sick or elderly, while others turn their eye towards the environment.

Since owning a credit card is no longer an option but a necessary evil of our society, you can at least choose one which takes their promises seriously.

There are numerous options out there which promise to be green, and you need to read between the lines and also look at commissions.

Do your research and find an environmentally friendly card which keeps its promise.

The best issuers give to a designated charity or organization a part of their profit.

That means that from the fee you pay the credit card company a part of it is invested in something that matters, like re-growing forests, creating sanctuaries for wild animals or neutering stray animals.

Even small banks have programs like this, usually focusing more on their local communities.

Eco Rewards Hacks

Some companies and banks have loyalty programs which can be converted into donations.

For example, GE Money Earth card gives clients the opportunity to donate 1% of their yearly purchases to projects fighting carbon emissions.

Just beware not to overspend while striving to save the planet.

Maxing out your credit card, even for a good cause is the worst idea.

If you already have a bad credit problem, you should ask for professional help from Credit Repair Companies.

Other cards target petrol consumption ad if you use the card when fueling your car, you can give back some of the money spent on gas as a donation to environmental projects.

Usually, about 5% is the maximum.

Bank of America has embarked on this journey too.

The Earth Smart program targets carbon offsets.

For each $ 1,000 spent you can repay one tone of carbon dioxide.

The program gives bonus points when signing in and if you go paperless (which you already did, right?).

The same goes if you belong to a dedicated environmental group.

If they offer a special card (usually VISA or MasterCard) it’s a good idea to take their offer and sign up.