10 Best Green Eco-Inventions

Updated: January 3rd, 2019Green inventions are being driven by market demand for products that enhance efficiency and reduce pollution. As the world recovers from a devastating recession, these inventions are helping to power the growth of national economies. In the UK, an expedited patent process has been introduced to fast track green inventions. Around the …

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Durban Climate Talks Tragedy of the Climate Commons

Feeling a bit like the holidays for sure. And I feel like humanity just got “scrooged”. A year ago, I wrote about the COP16 U.N. Climate Conference in Mexico City and how governments were playing “kick the can” with climate policy.

What does Going Green mean?

Updated: January 15th, 2019Go Green Ideas that You Can Take On Everyone keeps asking you to go green. What does going green mean and what are some go green ideas that you can take on? Many people want to go green and are taking steps to do so. But what does it actually mean? Does …

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